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Granules of Greatness

(Realising the potential of smaller churches)

It is easy to think that if we are part of a small Church and it has not been growing, then we must be doing something wrong or failing in some way. We can also easily feel somehow inferior to larger, more ‘successful’ churches and that our contribution to God’s work is limited in what it can achieve. This course aims to counter all of these ideas and is specifically designed to affirm, help and encourage those who come from the many smaller churches in the area.

The course begins by identifying, sharing and celebrating the unique identity of each of the churches represented.

It then looks at the hallmarks of a healthy and attractive church. A church which is welcoming, has open and loving communication, knows its gifts and resources and uses them wisely. Through various techniques and in the light of key bible passages, we will honestly consider how our own churches can meet any challenges that need to be faced now and in the future.

The next stage of the course will consider how to connect with our community, estate or parish and consider how some community development concepts can be mission tools. This will touch on the key themes of ‘working in partnership’ and seeing the church as a ‘key link and hub within the local area or community’.

Finally we will consider how we can share our faith more explicitly through our accessibility, attitudes, potential activities and projects. And further, how we can draw people in and point people to Jesus.

We hope you will go away clearer about your church, feeling encouraged and affirmed and not alone, unusual or a failure. You will realise, too, how ‘small’ is truly beautiful in God’s eyes!

Also, we hope to realistically and practically enlarge your vision and breadth of ideas for what God can do through your church in the local area. You will have things to work on; new ideas to try and hopefully, you will have enthusiasm and excitement to share with others.

Course Details:

The course will comprise of ten sessions in all. It will begin with two sessions on a Saturday and end with two sessions on a Saturday with all other sessions on a Tuesday evening.


The dates, in 2015, are as follows:

Saturday February 28th
Tuesday March 23rd
Tuesday April 21st
Tuesday May 19th
Tuesday June 23rd
Tuesday September 22nd
Tuesday October 20th
Saturday November 21st


The Hyndman Centre, Hospital Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 3JT.


The cost will be:

1 Person = £100
2 People = £150
3 People = £200
4 People = £200

The fourth person is free. We would encourage churches to send groups of people to get the most benefit from the course. If a person can’t make a particular evening they can appoint a ‘stand-in’.

Course Leader: Tim Lovejoy

The course will be led by Tim Lovejoy. Tim is a leader of Fulmerston Christian Fellowship in Thetford and was the driving force behind the establishment of a family/community work charity which operates there. Tim also works alongside individuals and churches as a mentor, facilitator and consultant. Tim is an author, lecturer and speaker.